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Live Chat

Share life experience, answer questions, and encourage each other in the real-time chat sidebar.

Live Prayer

Support people with one-on-one prayer during any experience—and receive requests for prayer between experiences.


Your church online attenders can take notes in the sidebar and then print or email them for later review.

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Synced Viewing

The power of the Church Online Platform is the unity of shared experience. Broadcast your services as 'simulated live,' and all your viewers and chatters can watch a service with a synced starting time—they'll discuss the message or ask questions as the sermon is happening. You can also offer 'on-demand' viewing that starts playback any time someone visits your site.

Mobile app


Get the full church online experience on any tablet or mobile device.

Host Workspace

Since #churchonline is all about creating community, the Church Online Platform has a special set of tools that help Chat Hosts engage with attenders from around the world.

Host space


With a dedicated chat just for hosts and a side-by-side view, your team can stay engaged with the attender chat and still stay on the same page with their teammates.


Click through different tabs for important host information like message notes, handy links, and metrics.

Host focus


Slide out the tool tray for easy access to prayer, chat, and other functions.


With a customizable chat and video view, your hosts can create a workspace that’s comfortable for them.

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Chat Moderation

Stay in control of your chat experiences with actions like Delete a Comment, Mute User, and Ban IP Address. There's even an Expletive Filter to keep your chats focused on Christ.

Host mobile phone

Host Anywhere

Allow your hosts to engage whether they’re serving on a desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

In addition to full hosting features via computer, your hosts and volunteers can chat with attenders during the service and connect one-on-one for live prayer, right from their smartphones.

Organized Data

Gain powerful insights into every facet of your church online services to help you make solid, informed ministry decisions.

Device dashboard


The Dashboard is your home base for data. Find stats and charts for everything from new attendees to prayer engagement.

Device summary email

Summary Email

Get all the high-level data you, your pastors, or your board could wish for, right in your inbox with an automatically-generated recap of every online event.

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YouVersion Integration

Embed YouVersion's 1,300+ versions and 1,000+ languages directly into your online experience, and reach people from different countries and backgrounds in the language of their hearts.

Slides spot


Poll questions and salvation slides allow your attendees to participate with certain cues in your experience, and you can create custom slides for event-specific needs.

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Create triggers and responses that tailor messages and interactions for certain attendees. For example, use the Entrance URL Automation to greet an attendee who finds your site through a Facebook ad with a custom welcome video, or thank an attendee who invited a guest to church online.

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Theme Editor

Customize the platform to match the look and feel of your church brand. Choose video sizes, change colors, add logos, and use our theme templates to create a custom feel to your online experiences.

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Streaming Provider

Virtually every third-party streaming provider is compatible–try YouTube, Media Fusion, Stream Monkey, Lightcast Media or another streaming provider of your choice. Simply embed your third-party streaming code in the Church Online Platform, and start broadcasting.

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​Roles & Permissions

Allow different access for different roles. Volunteers and hosts can perform basic functions while you and your admins can make major changes.


Serve attendees in their native language with automatic, real-time chat translations. For example, if your Chat Hosts type in English, an Arabic speaker will receive those messages seamlessly in his or her own language. Reach every major language group with the Gospel of Christ—more than 100 languages are translated by the platform.

100% Free

We believe in the larger mission of the Church so much that we want you to have this tool without worrying about fees, trial-periods, or hidden costs. The Church Online Platform is free, and so is every new feature and update. Period.

Help Desk

Another free thing that's included with the Church Online Platform is world-class help support and documentation from the very people who built it.

Help team

Worldwide Reach

You have a big vision and an even bigger burden to reach the lost. The Church Online Platform extends your reach past the walls of your church and the limits of your city to a mission field that covers almost every soul on Earth.

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